Award Winning Healthy Eating Games

Like most parents, Jennifer Tyler Lee struggled to get her kids to eat healthy, balanced meals. The secret, she discovered, was to make it a game! End mealtime battles, break your recipe rut, and get your whole family eating healthy — one new food at a time.

"A mom and genius game creator helping kids eat fresh food!"

- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

The Games

Crunch a Color®: The Healthy Eating Game gives kids points for eating a balanced and colorful plate of veggies, fruits, proteins and grains. Bonus points for trying new foods! Starting a conversation earns you extra, and is easy with our newest game: Crunch a Color®: Conversation Starters.

The Book

In The 52 New Foods Challenge, Lee gives parents practical tips to change the way their families eat. With more than 150 simple, healthy recipes and advice from nationally acclaimed nutrition experts, The 52 New Foods Challenge shows parents how to enjoy mealimes, plant the seeds of change at their family table, and easily incorporate healthy habits every day of the year.

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