Road Tripping: Eating Healthy On the Road August 06 2012, 9 Comments

eating healthy on the road

Our family may be taking a vacation, but our healthy eating habits are not. How we plan to keep eating healthy on the road.

Camera. Check. Sunscreen. Check. Blankies. Check, check. We’re geared up and ready for our big summer adventure. But as much as we want to take some time off for summer fun, we don’t want our healthy eating habits to take a vacation. Eating healthy on the road is notoriously difficult, with unhealthy choices at seemingly every turn. How to resist? Make it a game! This month, our new food adventures are all about finding the healthiest food on the road.

Eating Healthy on the Road Tip #1: Pack Your Own

eating healthy on the road tip: pack your own

You know how you’re always better at eating healthy in the morning? Same goes for eating healthy on the road. You need to start on the right foot! We packed a healthy lunch in our nifty PlanetBoxes for the first leg of our journey. Green beans with nut free basil pesto for dipping, a cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, and blueberries and strawberries for dessert. Three colors, plus a protein and healthy grains earns us lots of Crunch a Color points! The objective: resist the lure of fast food joints at the airport. We also packed some reserves – whole-grain bread sticks, natural peanut butter, almonds, some fresh fruit, and water – so if we’re in a pinch we can still choose a healthy snack. We’ll just need to remember to take a break from all the exciting sights and sounds to power up!

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About the author: Jennifer Tyler Lee is a mom of two children and the creator of Crunch a Color™ -- the award-winning game that makes healthy eating fun. Like most parents, she struggled to get her kids to eat healthy, balanced meals, so she decided to make it into a healthy eating game. Winner of the Dr. Toy and Parent Tested, Parent Approved awards, Crunch a Color has been featured by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Laurie David’s Family Dinner, Kiwi Magazine, Dr. Greene, and Yum Food & Fun For Kids, among many others, as a simple, fun and playful way to get kids to eat healthy and try new foods! Jennifer’s passion is making mealtime fun, easy and healthy for busy families. Her easy recipes, quick tips, and new food adventures are regularly featured at Pottery Barn Kids, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, The Huffington Post, and on her website,