On ABC, Moms Dish About Healthy Eating

Posted by Jennifer Lee on November 04, 2011 0 Comments

ABC's 7Live interviews Jennifer Tyler Lee and shares the secret to getting your kids to eat their veggies -- make it fun!


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Crunch a Color on CanadaAM

Posted by Jennifer Lee on November 04, 2011 0 Comments

Jennifer Tyler Lee, mom and creator of Crunch a Color, shares her story with Seamus O'Regan of Canada's #1 morning show, CTV's CanadaAM. Who knew eating veggies could be so much fun!


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Top tips for kid-friendly, healthy meals

Posted by Jennifer Lee on September 01, 2011 0 Comments

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Buzzing in my head

Posted by Jennifer Lee on June 30, 2011 0 Comments

For months I've had an idea buzzing in my head. It started from the notion that I wanted to do something meaningful for myself and my kids. As a mom, one of my top priorities is to keep my children happy and healthy.

Fast forward to dinner time. At 2 years old, my daughter had a wonderful repertoire of food favorites -- from mussels to mushrooms. But as she grew, her choices narrowed and the constant editing of her plate resulted in a mass of white. Where did I go wrong? We needed a change.

It started with a simple idea. At dinnertime, the challenge was to fill your plate with a rainbow of colors. The game grew and morphed, with the help of my husband and kids, into Crunch a ColorTM(copyright 2011, Tiny Green Bee, LLC). To hear my son exclaim, "Mom, I need a Green. Can you make me some broccoli?", was a truly joyful moment. No longer was I declaring, "Eat your veggies!" Now they were driving the bus, and it was going in a direction that I liked!

As parents we all strive to give the best to our children. My hope is that Tiny Green Bee can support that effort. By helping us make healthy choices. By giving back to create a generation of strong and healthy kids. And, most importantly, by keeping it fun.

Enjoy the game, share what I can do to improve and your ideas for fun and easy recipes, and definitely let me know if your little ones are eating more broccoli!


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