The Perfect Plumcot: Ripe Fruit for the Picking! (Week 23, 52 New Foods) June 19 2013, 41 Comments

Pick the perfect plumcot Ripe fruit Crunch a Color

A local farmer shares her tips on how to pick the perfect plumcot!

A happy, orange colored fruit caught our eye this week at the local market. “Would you like a taste?” enquired the sun-drenched farmer. Her generosity was met with enthusiasm, as my kids clamored to taste a bite of this sweet surprise. “It’s a plumcot!” the farmer explained. No matter the name, my kids decided it was absolutely delicious and would be our new food of the week.

Picking through the pile, they noticed subtleties in the color of the fruit. Some of the little gems were a warm orange color, similar to an apricot, while others had a yellow-ish, green hue.

“How can I tell which ones are the juiciest?” my son asked. James, who is six years old, is not at all shy about engaging in a conversation, especially when it’s about food!

“If you’re looking for ripe fruit, that you plan to eat today, pick the ones that are a soft orange color. Touch them gently. They should have a little bit of give, but not too much.” guided the farmer. James went to work, carefully placing his treasure in his tattered woven bag, while saving a few to be enjoyed immediately.

plumcot ripe fruit crunch a color

“Be sure to pick a few that are green near the top.” the farmer advised. “Those will be perfect in a day or two if you leave them on the counter to ripen.”

As for how we prepared our new food of the week, it was a simple wash, slice, eat. The fruit was so delicious that it wasn’t around long enough to make anything! No complaints here.

What have you discovered at your local farmers’ market? What are your tips for knowing when a fruit is ripe and picking the best of the crop?

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