Easy Orange Granita Recipe (52 New Foods, Around the World Week 3)

Posted by Jennifer Tyler Lee on January 18, 2013 2 Comments
easy orange granita recipe

This easy orange granita recipe was a deliciously fun project for my kids and me! A simple twist on a favorite fruit: Satsuma Mandarin Oranges.

Like sparklers against a dark night sky, mandarin oranges at the local market add bright and cheerful pops of color to dreary winter days and herald the coming of Chinese New Year! Nature’s perfect “fast food”, mandarin oranges are regularly featured as lunch box treats, after school snacks and even dessert at this time of year for my family.

As we venture forward into another year of trying new foods, we wanted to prepare this favorite food in a new way. With a little inspiration from our blended family, a combination of Chinese and Italian roots, we decided to make a classic Italian dish with our simple Asian ingredient: Mandarin Orange Granita.

Easy Orange Granita Recipe

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 90 to 120 minutes
Yield: Makes 4 servings
Crunch a Color points: 5 orange


orange granita recipe ingredients

8 Satsuma mandarin oranges

Note: you’ll also need an ice cube tray and a simple citrus press.

If you’re like us, you don’t have time to scrape, then freeze, scrape, then freeze, to create a granita. Instead, we made our orange granita the easy way, with our food processor. We tried the recipe two ways: one with Clementine and the other with Satsuma mandarin oranges. The Satsuma’s were far superior, both in color and taste, so we’d highly recommend hunting them down at your market for this granita recipe. It will be well worth your effort! 


1. Slice the Satsuma mandarin oranges in half (cutting through the middle of the orange as opposed to top to bottom). Using a simple citrus press, squeeze the juice out of the oranges.

orange granita recipe step 1

orange granita recipe step 1b

2. Pour the juice into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer. It can take up to two hours for the juice to freeze completely.

orange granita recipe step 2

3. Once frozen, remove the juice cubes from the tray and load into a food processor.

orange granita recipe step 3

orange granita recipe step 4

4. Pulse until the frozen juice looks like slush.

orange granita recipe step 5

5. Enjoy!

easy orange granita recipe

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About the author: Jennifer Tyler Lee is a mom of two children and the creator of Crunch a Color® -- the award-winning nutrition games that make healthy eating fun. Like most parents, she struggled to get her kids to eat healthy, balanced meals, so she decided to make it into a healthy eating game and she’s giving back to support non-profit kids’ nutrition programs. Winner of the Dr. Toy and Parent Tested, Parent Approved awards, Crunch a Color® has been featured by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Laurie David’s Family Dinner, Kiwi Magazine, Dr. Greene, and Yum Food & Fun For Kids, among many others, as a simple, fun and playful way to get kids to eat healthy and try new foods. Jennifer’s passion is making mealtime fun, easy and healthy for busy families. Her easy recipes, quick tips, and new food adventures are regularly featured at Pottery Barn Kids, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, The Huffington Post, and on her weekly recipe blog at crunchacolor.com.

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Healthy Eating: Week 3, Mandarin Oranges (#52NewFoods)

Posted by Jennifer Lee on January 23, 2012 2 Comments

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Many mouth-watering foods are part of the Chinese New Year celebration, but Mandarin Oranges always top our list of favorites. Ambassadors of prosperity and good luck, Mandarin Oranges are the perfect food to ring in a New Year filled with healthy eating adventures!

healthy eating mandarin orangesDon’t you find that the best things in life are the simplest things? Mandarin Oranges rank in the top quartile for simple pleasures in my book. Perfectly sized for little hands and packed with happiness (and vitamin C), they are easy lunchbox companions, super snacks, and delectable for dessert. For playful food artists like my daughter, Mandarin Oranges always make an easy and beautiful feature food.  Though lovable on their own, we decided to venture out and try a new twist on one of our all-time favorite foods.

Feature Recipe: Avocado and Orange Salad with Hazelnuts

healthy eating avocado and orange saladI love salads – when someone else makes them for me. My salads are predictably boring, so I adore when someone brings a spirited salad to share and I’m always on the lookout for interesting, easy salad recipes. Natalie Perry's Avocado and Orange Salad with Hazelnuts fits the bill. True to Natalie’s warning, my food adventurers were not fond of the dressing, so I let them whip up a healthy concoction that would be pleasing to their palates. They used a base of olive oil, added a splash of orange and lemon juices, and a touch of honey. Delicious!

Crunch a Color’s Citrus Dressing
¼c olive oil
2 Tbsps orange juice
Juice from one lemon
1 Tbsp of honey
Salt to taste
Place all ingredients in a jar. Shake. Pour. Enjoy! (Tip: heat the honey for a few seconds in the microwave to make it mix more easily)

Crunch a Color Kids Vote: 2 Thumbs Up! We’ll definitely try this again.

healthy eating hazelnutsWhat we liked: The toasted hazelnuts were the surprise contender in this new food contest. Their wonderful aroma and nutty flavor were incredibly inviting. Instead of chopping the nuts, I placed them in a Ziplock bag and let my daughter hammer them with a rolling pin. Less stressful for me and great fun for her! Despite my best effort, though, my kids didn’t try the salad greens. Instead, I made a taster plate of the individual elements -- avocados, Mandarin Orange slices, and hazelnuts – and let the kids dip the fixings into their homemade dressing. They enjoyed savoring their citrus creation alongside some of their familiar favorites. I call that a success!

Healthy Eating: Week 4, Spinach

healthy eating spinachIf my kids aren’t fond of salad greens, how am I going to get them to try spinach? With Martian Muffins, that’s how! This week we’re taking on the Big Daddy of healthy greens: Spinach! Thanks to Spinach Cake Muffins from weelicious (aka Martian Muffins), my picky eaters may have met their match.


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About the author: Jennifer Tyler Lee is a mom of two children and the creator of Crunch a Color™ -- the award-winning game that makes healthy eating fun. Like most parents, she struggled to get her kids to eat healthy meals, so she decided to make it into a healthy eating game and she’s giving back to support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, FoodCorps, and Alice Water’s Edible Schoolyard. Watch her picky eaters tell the story of how they turned into healthy eaters playing the game. Follow @crunchacolor and #52NewFoods to tune into Crunch a Color's healthy eating adventure and Jennifer’s tips and kid-friendly, easy recipes.

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